Singh in the Rain

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in PROJECTS


This feature film, produced by Seva Films, is a Romantic Comedy set to begin production in Spring 2018.

Our mission is to produce a high quality, commercially viable, and universally accepted narrative film with a greater purpose. We aim to work with talented individuals from all over the world to create a story that can connect with the masses, represent our Indian community through breeding a unique blend of Hollywood and Bollywood cinema, and shed light on sensitive social issues that create divisions in our community.

Our greater mission is to simply disrupt the fear of Inter-Caste marriages within North Indian Communities. Essentially to give a voice to the immeasurable amount of young adults that deal with the bigotry of the Inter-Caste marriage classification that society has built over time. We are going to accomplish this goal by bringing our target audience a hysterically entertaining feature length film that presents an unconventional family dynamic. Our inimitable balance of Bollywood style, lip synchronized Hindi/Punjabi music, combined with our bright and colorful visuals of a North Indian styled Wedding will create a vibrant cinematic representation of our spirited culture.