Producer’s Vision

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in BLOG


What started as a desire to act in films, unexpectedly, turned into a passion of embracing cinema and having it act as a participant of raising social awareness.”

Searching for an opportunity in my early years, I took it upon myself to build a platform and use it to showcase my abilities. That is when I decided to study the art of filmmaking. Along with learning about the technical characteristics of creating a motion picture, film school educated me on the power of cinema and how it can be used as an ideological apparatus to deconstruct our ways of thinking and raise awareness of cultural, social, and economic differences.

A few years later, we formed a production company, Seva Films, in hopes to bring forth a different brand of cinema. Our first production, “Thinking Out Loud”, is a product of my imagination and some of the philosophies we hope to bring forward. I wrote, produced, and gave myself an opportunity to play the male lead.

This short film, specifically made for film festivals, is merely a stepping-stone in finding individuals with various skill sets who share our vision of “Entertainment with Purpose”.


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