Master Tips on How to Become an Actor: The Complete Guide

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in BLOG


Do you hate walking into auditions, begging people for a small role in a film that is not going to pay you anything? Not to mention, a film that is going to sit on the producer’s shelf, along with 10 other films that never made it anywhere. Well, why not take matters into your own hands! Here are the top 4 ways of becoming an actor!




If you are looking to get into films without auditioning, try investing into a film. Now investing doesn’t always equate to money, although it certainly can. Investing can also refer to investing time or talent that the producer can make use of. Maybe you are a make-up artist and can help with applying make-up to the other actors. The producer saves money and in turn, you can ask them for an opportunity to act in their film.

The main goal for any aspiring actor should be to try and gain experience and build a resume/ acting reel to show your understanding of the craft. Take matters into your own hands. If no one will give you an opportunity, create one yourself.




I know everyone and their mom is making YouTube videos these days, but people are always looking for good quality content. If you can act, you have already separated yourself from 99% of all YouTubers




I can’t stress enough just how important networking is. Knowing people will not do all the work for you, but not knowing anyone in your career path is detrimental to success. It’s like trying to fly a plane without a runway. Having a solid group of actors, make-up artists, directors and other film enthusiasts in your social circle will project your talents to a wider audience.




I know what you’re thinking; it costs money to make a film. Well of course it does. But at least you’re investing in yourself. If you believe in your abilities as an actor, you can make a film and give yourself a lead role. This would be great content for your Actor’s Reel or for filling out your resume.